Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress


My Influenster Holiday VoxBox came on Christmas Eve so I have had lots of time to experiment with all the goodies. And as promised I am doing full reviews of the products separately. I was beyond excited when I saw the KissProducts nail dress in my box. To tell you a little bit about the Kiss nail dress they come in a variety of colors and sell for $6.99 for a box of 28 strips. I have been eyeing them up but was very skeptical about paying $7.00 or more for 2 applications without knowing if they worked. Let's face it you can buy a bottle of nail polish for a couple of dollars and do your nails more than twice. I received Princess design which is like a leopard print and gems with a three dimensional feel to it, it looks better on then in the box. The strips come in several different sizes so they will fit any of your nails and there is a round side to use for your fingernails and a flatter side to use for your toe nails.

I tried the Kiss nail dress three different ways, two of which are pictured above. The first time I applied the nail dress I was really impressed how easy it is to stick on but I found it very difficult file down the excess and instead used a nail clipper to cut the excess. They stuck very easily with a few bubble here and there. The 3D gems also made it difficult to file down all the way and left little jagged edges but they made it through making a ginger bread house, washing dishes, and a shower. The next day when I woke up the jagged edges were catching on everything they were also collecting dirt/debris so I removed them. They were very easy to remove but pulled a little of my nail's top layer off. The second way I tried is also pictured above I painted my nails and cut a little of the nail dress to enhance my manicure which worked out very nicely. They stayed on and added some dress to my manicure without paying a lot of money and with very little effort. The last way I tried which is not pictured was painting some of my nails and putting the nail dress on a few of my nails. This time I used a nail scissor to cut the excess which left a much cleaner cut but ultimately resulted in the same outcome as the first try. The full dress did not stay stuck and I pealed them off the same day. I found another design on sale for $3.98 that has no 3D effect but have not tried them yet. I think the KissNail dress is a great way to have a beautiful manicure for a night out on the town without spending the salon price. It is also fast and easy to apply plus you don’t have to wait for your nails to dry but for me they did not stay on 10 days actually they only stayed on one day. If you are interested in purchasing Kiss Nail dress here is the link
Those of you who are not familiar with Influenster it is it is a social site where you can do reviews, ask and answer questions about products, earn badges, and possibly try products for free ie: a voxbox. All of the products I listed were complimentary for testing purposes and the opinion is my own.

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