Monday, July 13, 2015

Aqua Training Bags

Most of you know that i have been into getting active and fit lately. I was in Karate and loved and I love to box on WII it's such a good workout. My husbands loves a punching bag and has been looking for one. When I was able to work with Aqua Training bags to review a set of their bags I was SO excited.

Keep in mind I have never used a punching/boxing bag expect for small one so I had no idea what to expect. I got the package in and it was HEAVY, 60 pounds to be exact. So I let my husband open it and it lit up with excitement. There are two different bags in the box one is smaller than the other but they are both the same. He immediately grabbed the larger bag and filled it up.  It took a few minutes to fill it completely with water, the attachment nozzle is included, so it's was done without a mess.

It was so easy to hang, we did it before we filled it up so it wouldn't be so heavy. We found an open 2x4 on the porch and slid the chain around it to our preferred height.

The material of this bag is so nice and strong and then filled with water it provides a nice surface for punching. My husband said this is just like punching a person. Skin and bones is not soft and squishy. So it is ONLY safe to punch if you are wearing protective gear.

We happened to have sparring gear so we suited up and started punching. That bag did not give at first. I felt like I was not moving it. It didn't take long before I was sweaty and out of breath. So I know I got a great workout. The next day I could feel my abs and arms so a punching bag is a total body workout.

We recently invested in a pair of boxing gloves and that made the workout even more amazing. I was not scared to hit hard because my hand and wrists were completely protected. I wailed on that bag  for a good long time. It's even big enough to get some knees in. Once we get a sturdier place to hang it we will lower it for some kicking action. Talk about an amazing full body workout.

With the amazing material it will not get stained because it will easily wipe clean.  It's also perfect for indoor AND outdoor use. I love that. We can hang one inside and one outside if we want. Since the material is also not clothe and has no seams, it won't rip or tear at the seams.  With it's unique tear drop shape makes it easy to deliver a lot of different combination punches. I would like to see a longer one for kicking/leg work.

My kids join in on the action. They love to put on the glove and box the bag. This is an amazing bag that is a great way to get the entire family off the couch.  Getting fit while having fun is always an amazing thing.

Check them out here.  I guess cause I'm girly I love the different colors and the marble pattern to them!!!

I received these products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.

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