Monday, July 13, 2015

Fashion trends that will make you say WTF ??

So ladies and gentlemen it appears that swimwear is getting smaller. This is absolutely wonderful news.

Obviously the Gstring bikini was just too much coverage and left too many tan lines, so the CString has been invented. Hold on to your hats the CString appears to be nothing more than a maxipad, make that a pantyliner stuck to your Vajayjay.

But it it is more than a pantyliner. And it seems so comfortable with a cup type front and s string in the back. What more can you ask for in a swim suit?  This will make it even more fun to shop for suits since that is a task average woman LOVES.

So in going with the trend of nearly naked I could see the top being pasties. So buy sunscreen by the buckets and slather it on the remainder of the summer is going to be hot.

Who's rushing out to grab a CString?

This post was not meant to offend any readers. This is MY opinion if you agree great, if don't agree great. Let's keep the discussion nice.