Sunday, December 15, 2013

Braun Forehead Thermometer

I have five monkeys and by monkeys I mean children. Four are in school but I'm a working mother so at one point I had five monkeys in daycare. I don't know about your daycare but ours seemed like a germ factory. Every week it seemed like one of my kids were sick. The daycare would constantly call and say one of my more active children had fever. It would never fail it was always on a Friday at about 3:30 pm. So I would get her home and take her temperature and she was normal on my thermometer. So my husband and I came to conclusion that either my child was giving them a hard time and they wanted the rest of the evening to be quiet or my thermometer didn't work.

Now grant you this was when she was from the ages of 1 1/2 - 3 years old so it was no easy task to take her temperature. I was using one of the digital but taking the reading under her arm. What 2 year old sits completely still and waits for a thermometer to work? If yours does I envy you because none of mine did!

So you know what I had to do right? Stick the thermometer under her arm and bear hug her until it beeped. Once it beeped if there was no fever I always thought maybe it isn't accurate or I didn't hold her completely still so it slipped out of place. So I did the process all over again causing more irritation to me and the child than necessary. Most of the time even if my children had a slight fever or cold they never "acted" sick so after the second time if it didn't register a fever I assumed it was okay.

Even now that they are school age none of them like to sit still and wait for the thermometer to read at least now I have to take their temp less often.  When I was selected to review the Braun Forehead Thermometer I was super excited. My husband and I were talking about buying a new thermometer because ours broke and my children or not the other one had been under arm pits for years so it wasn't going in my mouth.

My children's pediatrician used a forehead thermometer last time I went and Braun is a trusted brand so I had no doubts it would be an accurate reading.  The thermometer itself is very sturdy but lightweight. It works by running it on their forehead so there is no irritating bear hug so it is a much more pleasant experience.  Also there is no waiting because it works in seconds. It also is color coded if the background is green the temperature is acceptable, yellow elevated, red high so no guessing. That would come in handy at midnight if you're woken up.  This is a product I would recommend every parent have in their home.

Braun's is offering a $10.00 off rebate. Just click this link for the form and instructions.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but the opinion expressed is all mine! 

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