Sunday, December 15, 2013

Raise the Roots Review

As I may have mentioned before I am always searching for root lifters or volumizing hair care products. I have the flattest hair you can imagine if I don't work at it.  I usually use a root lifting spray and mousse to achieve ANY volume. I also blow dry my hair with a round brush for a little extra help. Well okay if I have plans I will take the time to blow dry my hair. But that is not exactly my favorite past time and it really takes too long for me.

I was super excited to review Raise the Roots by TruHair  which is a thickening fiber cream. I have used lots of products that claim to give volume but as I mentioned before I use a spray and mousse before I see results. I washed and combed my hair as usual. Then I put a very small amount of Raise the Roots in my hair as instructed I applied from root to tip.

Then I let it air dry like I do most nights. The next morning I woke up and straightened my hair. I was amazed at how nice my hair looked. It wasn't flat and stuck to my head. It also had a beautiful controlled bounce to it even after I straightened it.

I wasn't the only one that noticed when I walked out my husband said his usual you look nice. But this time he said " I really like your hair it looks very nice today." It's not like he has never complimented my hair before but there was a wow factor in his voice. You know what I mean? You can imagine how nice that was without a ton of extra work.

The cream itself is very thick so it takes very little to work. It does not weigh your hair down nor does it make it look greasy or feel sticky. I'm very impressed with Raise the Roots, it does the job of 2 products and a blow dryer.

If you want extra volume apply Raise the Roots before blow drying your hair. If you want to try Raise the Roots you can find it here 

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I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest, compensated review. The opinion expressed is all mine. Rest assured I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.


  1. They sent me this too - I can't wait to try it now!!


  2. Great review. My hair is already crazy though. I need something to calm it down!

  3. This might be great for me. I have sad thin baby fine hair. I need all of the help I can get.

  4. My hair is so flat. It really could use more body.