Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Polish Yer Hooves - Nail Polish

I'm super excited to tell you about an emerging new polish maker! The super sweet LeighAnne sent me bottles of her work to share with all of you.  Her brand name is Polish Yer Hooves. Why that name you ask? Well LeighAnne states simply,  Although she can't explain why, she has had a love for cows since high school.  She has collected them, used cows as kitchen decor, and dressed her children in cow themed clothes.  So when she tried to come up with a name for her polish used love for cows and polish and came up with Polish Yer Hooves.  She advises against using the polish on cows or horses,  they don't like that.

 I was so excited when I saw the two she sent me Save Da Udders, which is a pink polish with a lot of sparkle! LeighAnne recommends a top coat once Save Da Udders dries because it has a slightly gritty feel to it. Truthfully I'm terrible about remembering a top coat but I did three coats and I did not find it was gritty. This polish was made for Breast Cancer Awareness and Polish Yer Hooves will donate will donate $2.00 per bottle. It is noted that Breast Cancer is something LeighAnne supports because her Nana was effected by it.
I'm a girly girl but I'm not drawn to pink at all,  purple is more my color. When I grab for polish it is normally not a pink but when I saw Save Da Udders I fell in love, It is udderly beautiful.  The polish itself is very easy to apply and goes on smoothly, two coats were plenty enough to look flawless. It is not a thick polish but it is not thin, so the consistency is prefect. The brush itself was also very nice and made polishing my nails extremely easy. The brush fit in the nail corners without making a huge mess.  Once I applied it I couldn't stop looking at it. Polish Yer Hooves also offers a variety of scents in in the polish I chose Rose and forgot. Imagine my surprise when I started to polish my nails and the distinct smell of roses hit me. I can still smell the scent after 2 days of wearing the polish. If you have never tried scented polish I would recommend it, it was a very pleasant touch. I will include a list of all the scents a little later.  I am already thinking of cute nail art I can do with this polish. I think white strips or white hearts on top would be very cute. LeighAnne suggest doing clear/white nails with pink tips. Stay tuned for nail art pics!

As promised here are the scents you can choose from 
Apple Cinnamon                                         Streusel Baby Powder 
Blueberry Muffin                                         Lemongrass
Lilac                                                          Vanilla Lavender                          
Chocolate Lovers                                        French Lavender
Fresh Cut Roses                                          Hyacinth 
PiƱa Colada                                                Sandalwood
Strawberry Cheesecake                               Vanilla Bean 

Don't they all sound amazing? I had a very hard time choosing. Add one to your polish today for only $0.50
extra. All bottles are handmade and 3 free, they cost between $9.00 and $10.00.

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I received this product complimentary in exchange for a honest review so the expressed is my own. 


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  5. I love the color of that nail polish and the name of it is so cute! Great review!