Friday, September 20, 2013

Coola Tinted Moisturizer

I received a deluxe sample of the Coola Tinted Moisturizer in on my previous Ipsy glambags. Coola has an SPF 20 in it so it has some form of sunscreen which is a plus. It is also hypoallergenic, paraben free, ultra sheer, anti-aging, and water resistant for up to 40 minutes. I've read it's rose scented but I never really smelled anything.

I never gave much thought to a tinted moisturizer because I would use a foundation over my moisturizer. I thought there was no reason for my moisturizer to be tinted and never would have tried one if not for Ispy. This moisturizer is amazing it blends in perfectly with my skin tone and stays on all day without creasing or peeling. The only time I felt it made my skin feel/look oily is when I put it on too soon after my usual moisturizer. I know I probably didn't need it but I just can't help myself. This one is in my make up drawer so I consider it my make up, not my skin care.

It absorbs but the tint stays enough to make a perfect primer for my foundation.  You all know from a previous post I like to layer my BBCream and foundation but using this makes my make up look flawless.I work ten hours a day, come home cook super, and do homework but my makeup is still there when I wash my face at night.

I was wearing this at the office and a coworker was talking about how she wanted her makeup to look like she had make up on. She went on to say "you know, like the movie stars"  Then when she looked up she said, well like yours looks right now.

I have also taken the lazy way out and wore this alone without foundation. My husband said I looked like I had a sun-kissed glow, that could be useful at times.

Overall I would give this product an A+ and recommend to friends and family.  I would purchase this product again when I am in need of another moisturizer.  If you want to check out the rest of their products click here order online. 


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