Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nectresse' -- REVISED

When I saw this in my Influenster Voxbox I was super excited.  Like I mentioned earlier I drink a lot of coffee and sweet tea. I couldn' t wait to find a zero calorie sweetener because sugar has a lot of calories. I have tried SweetNLow and Equal and neither compared to sugar. So how did this one compare?

The first time I put two packets in my morning cup of coffee I thought hey this isn't so bad. Then I tried in my instant coffee and it had the nastiest taste. It wasn't even close to sugar and was not sweet at all plus it left a terrible taste in my mouth. My husband tried it as well and he did not like it either.  I tried it again in my regular brewed cup of coffee because the first time was good but the second time it was oddly bitter and left that same taste in my mouth. 

After that I gave up I figured I would not like the Nectresse and put it to the side. A few days later I was talking to my mother in-law and offered her the Nectresse because I didn't like it. She suggested before I gave her the box to try four packets in my coffee. She said she loves Nectresse and felt safe using it because it is made out of fruit.

The benefits of Nectresse not containing aspartame and being a zero calorie sweetener was enough to make me want to give it a second try.  So here goes a second try -- I woke up in the morning made my cup of coffee with four single serve packets and just a dash of sugar. By a dash I mean the top of the spoon had a small amount on it. Without high expectations and prepared to dump out my cup of coffee  I took my first sip. To my surprise it was very tasty in my head I heard the bells of a slot machine in a sense. I had found a low/no calorie sweetner for my coffee that taste good WOOHOO. For me this was like winning a small portion of the lottery. I mean I drink two to three cups of coffee a day and I know with the amout of sugar I use that adds a huge amount of daily calories so of course I was excited.

It has been proven the more sugar you take in the more you crave sugar and I have seen many more benefits from using Nectresse. I am snacking much less and find I have more energy hopefully next I am weighing much less. I am really glad I gave this a second try because I wanted to like it perhaps I will venture to baking with it next? I would recommend this product with this advice - don't be afraid to use more because the more you use the sweeter it gets. I purchased more and have using it ever since. There are lots of tasty looking recipes on Pintrest if you want to experiment with Nectresse'

I received this product complimentary from Influenster but the opinion is all MINE. I was given no additional compensation for this post.

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