Thursday, March 28, 2013

Colgate Optic White Regimen

As you may know I received three of the Colgate Optic products in my Influenster SugarNSpice voxbox. I was so excited to try this because I have always hated that my teeth were not white. The second thing I notice on people is their teeth (in case you are wondering I notice eyes first) and I know a lot of people are the same way. There is nothing better then a pretty, white smile and I have tried lots of things to whiten my teeth with no results. I tried the paint on tooth whitener, that didn't work. I purchased the strips and didn't use them like I should so they didn't work.  I tried baking soda but lets face it, that is not the best tasting thing.

Although I LOVE it I have to give the trio a C and I will explain why. Please don't stop reading because once I explain I hope you will realize a C is not a bad thing, it's just I would change a few things if I could.

The first thing is the Optic White 360 toothbrush. As you can see it is not like most toothbrushes. I showed a picture of the back so you can see the cheek and tongue cleaner. I LOVE this toothbrush I give it an A++++. My teeth feel super clean after using it and I have noticed my teeth feel cleaner longer. Great product I would recommend everybody try this and I will be using this toothbrush from now on! It sells for $2.99 per brush.

Ok now the OpticWhite toothpaste is a little harder to grade. The taste isn't unbearable but it's not great either. I also find that I have a strange after taste immediately after using and it kind of foams in your mouth. With all of that being said I would still give the toothpaste a B-. The reason for that grade is I notice my teeth getting cleaner. I use it twice a day along with the mouth wash and have noticed that the stains on my teeth are going away and my gums are much healthier. So I can live with the taste not being great for the results I am seeing and will continue to use this toothpaste. I would also recommend it to my friends and family. Sells for $2.99 for a 4oz tube of toothpaste.


  Of all three products the mouthwash is the hardest to grade. I feel I would it would be disservice if I didn't disclose that this mouthwash tastes HORRIBLE. It foams in your mouth so you have to be very careful not to use too much. You taste the hydrogen peroxide in the mouthwash a lot. So overall I would give this a C-. Since I'm using the three together I have to assume that they all play a part in the results I am seeing. I have seen whiter, healthier teeth in five days. To be honest, I am undecided if I will continue to use this mouthwash I will try the toothpaste and toothbrush without the mouthwash first. I would recommend it to friends and family because it does give the results it promises. Sells for $2.99 for an 8oz bottle.

This is my results after 9 days of use

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 Why not whiten while you brush?

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  1. I have purchased the Optic White mouthwash in the past, and my family didn't like it either. Unfortunately, I had to throw it out. We really like the Crest 3D product line. Your review was great, especially since it was so honest.