Sunday, April 28, 2013

Suave vs L'Oreal Styling Oil

What is hair oil? what does it do? These oils are said to heal, banish frizz, condition, and protect hair while adding shine without weighing hair down. To me that was a wow factor because I have to use three to four products to get protection, conditioning, and less frizz so trying a hair oil was a must for me although I never knew it until I was chosen to test one.  There was a little part of me that was very afraid to use the oil because my scalp is naturally oily while my ends are dry but I am pleased to let you know neither of the oils in this post made my hair oily or greasy.

Now if you are anything thing like me once you have decided to try a hair oil your shopping trip goes like this. You are standing down the shampoo isle looking at all the different brands thinking which one is a good one? You grab one or two and there's the little voice in your head that says "but wait this one is half the price of the other one". You're skeptical of buying the less expensive one because you have been burned before. You know the one -- the bottle says "compared to" but it doesn't work anything like that the other one. How do you know? You went back and purchased the more expensive one because you weren't getting the desired results. Although we all know its worth the extra cost if works better there is always that thought... but what if the less expensive product really does work the same?

Lots of people believe the more you pay the better the quality of the product but is that isn't always true. I tried both the L'Oreal Eversleek Precious oil sold for $12.99 and Suave Moroccan oil sold for $6.99 both are intended to cut frizz and add shine. The instructions are almost identical, dispense two pumps in your palm and rub them together then rub evenly through damp hair avoiding the roots. You can use one spray of both in dry hair as a frizz serum.  I thought it would be fun to compare. So going with most people's thinking the L'Oreal would be better right? Lets see.

When I was chosen by All You to test Suave Moroccan Infusion styling oil I was very excited. I couldn't wait to see how it worked. The first thing I noticed is the Suave has a nice consistency but is not very thick and applies very nicely. The minute I put the Suave in my hand I notched the smell was amazing but it's not overpowering. There have been days when I can still smell it in my hair hours after application and that is a huge plus to me. I have noticed an extreme amount of shine and my hair is super soft after using. I have also noticed less frizz with the Suave and my hair was not weighed down.  I would give the Suave an 9/10 on quality and a 9/10 for effectiveness I really like product.

Then I got the  L'Oreal Eversleek Precious oil treatment in a compensation package for a product testing I completed through the L'Oreal consumer test panel. The L'Oreal is a very thick consistency but does apply very nicely. The smell is pleasant but not very strong. I have noticed less frizz, my hair is super soft, and has a nice shine. I also noticed that my hair is not super wavy if I let it air dry plus my hair was not weighed down. I would give it an 9/10 on quality 9/10 on effectiveness so I really like the L'Oreal oil as well.

So my opinion is there is not a clear winner in this case they are both very effective and do what they claim. The Suave Moroccan oil smells amazing while the L'Oreal has a pleasant smell but in this case I would not spend the extra for L'Oreal because the Suave is great and does exactly what I wanted it to do. With less expensive brands stepping up their game sometimes you can get quality effective products at a lower costs.

Stay tuned for more vs I will have a lot more coming. If this review was helpful, leave me a message. If you have used a different type of styling oil that you loved let me know.

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