Thursday, October 6, 2022

To Prime or Not to Prime that is the question ??


To Prime or Not to Prime that is the question. Okay to me that is NOT a question, I say you should always prime. ALWAYS it just set the tone for a smoother, easier to work with canvas. And it gives you makeup staying power. 
FYI always start with a clean MOISTURIZED face. That is a necessity as well for a smooth finish. 
So, I wanted to share one my favorite primers. It's no surprise that it comes from Too Faced. I am obsessed with them (and a few other brands) . But most of Too Faced just smells amazing! Plus, it's a great quality brand.  

Plump & Prime Face Plumping Primer Serum LUXURY FACE PLUMPING PRIMER SERUM:  This primer not only feels amazing when applied, it keeps my face feeling silky and smooth all day long.  My makeup definitely has more staying power but overall looks better. There is no caking or piling it's and I love that it's not sticky.   The extra benefit of a serum is just a HUGE bonus!  There is no scent if any for this one.  Although a cupcake or cake scent would be welcome! 

  • Unique serum texture makes it easy to apply under makeup 
  • Primes skin with hydration to create a smooth canvas 
  • Lightweight milky serum texture/formula absorbs readily into skin 
  • Cruelty free Paraben Free Features 

After Testing 30 Women: 
Skin is immediately plumped with moisture In just 3 days, cheeks and jawline start to feel more lifted* Skin feels firmer Skin looks more lifted Cheeks and jawline look more contoured/sculpted Cheeks look plumped Boosts skin's natural collagen for plumped looking cheeks Diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles Minimizes the appearance of pores Skin feels and looks smoother Improves skin texture Helps boost skin's natural support network *Results after 3 days


  1. This was a very informative post, thank you! I have never used a primer and to be honest I don't have a skin care routine. I wash my face with a Dove beauty bar, that's it. I definitely need to look into doing more now that I am getting older.

  2. Thank you so this article. This is one makeup product I'm not very proficient with.