Wednesday, October 12, 2022

October Is Squirrel Awareness Month


So I had no idea October is awareness month for these furry little critters! I have had my fair share of up close and person interaction with them, so I thought it was only right for me to mention it!  They are one of my favorite animals to rehabilitate but truthfully I say that about them all. Each one has their own amazing little personalities. 

We have all seen a squirrel and probably know they are everywhere. They are fast, cute, and appear cuddly. Well maybe not cuddly when they are bouncing around in the wild or running up a tree. But I have had a few cuddly ones. 

They are also very energetic and rumbunctious at times. They chew everything in sight. and I mean EVERYTHING. So that makes them extremely destructive. Definitely not great around makeup, I have had more than one palette with teeth marks. some have had paw prints straight through them. 

 Contrary to belief their diet cannot consist of nuts alone. Infact rarely do we give them nuts as they are said to be unhealthy. Did you know if squirrels are feed an improper diet it can lead to debilitating diseases. 

So what do we feed them?   If they are not on a special milk formula (babies. they are called pinkies), they eat diet very rich of vegetables and fruits.  Introducing them back into the wild can be fun and rewarding. But not all of them can be rereleased. Some of injuries they incur they never fully recover.  

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** My husband is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  **

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