Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fu** a Bikini Body

 I gave up a long time ago on getting that perfect bikini body. Don't get me wrong I love to workout but I love to eat too. Willpower has never been my strongest asset and never will be. I am actually more comfortable with my body than I was 20 years ago. You know back when I was sooo fat .. like 50 lbs lighter than I am now.  I encourage all of you to embrace your self and love yourself the way you are.. You are amazing, you are perfect.

Today I'm just telling you how I stay sane in this crazy, insane world. And while I was at it I lost 10 lbs and lowered my blood pressure so it really was a win, win situation.   I LOVE yoga. I actually have started to urn to do my yoga practice. I can't do it every day but when I can I enjoy it.

Can you imagine enjoying exercise, yeah I couldn't either. But yoga really is soo much more than exercise for the body. It's solace for my mind and my well being. I am able to let go of the day if only for a few minutes. I feel myself relax so to speak but yet walk away energized and ready to go.

Yoga is not hard but challenging. You do NOT have to be a contortionist to do yoga. Yoga is about what feels good for YOU. If can't touch your toes that's okay. Maybe one day you will. If not screw it, doesn't matter.

Can I do this?? Hell no! But one day I might be able to.  I find my self getting flexible and stronger as I go. So will this be me without breaking any bones?? I don't know but I will keep at it.

So although I truly believe in embracing yourself the way you are , a little peace of mind is great for everyone. Especially in the non-peaceful world we live in! So if you want to join me on the mat check out some of my favorite workouts. Here  or here. Plus I get to wear shirts with silly sayings! When am really stressed or just need some me time. I relax in hot bath and use my lavender bath collection or use my Stress Relief roll on.

Oh my favorite place to shop for Yoga pants?? DelfinSpa Save 20% using 5HR75 at checkout. I love the mineral infused shorts! For a little extra help with the cellulite try their Anti Cellulite Cream! It works wonders.

Are you a yogi?? what's the trickiest Yoga pose for you?

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