Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What's in August's Adorebox ??

Adorebox has to be my new obsession. It's a monthly subscription box that is filled with mostly full size  goodies for only $15.00 per month. I waste more than that on stupid crap! So this is an awesome deal.  I think subscription boxes are the best way to go because I would not try some of the products otherwise.

So what's in this box??

Gocubes -- Chewable Coffee 
Each cube is equivalent to a half a cup of coffee so they are perfect for on the go. When that cup of coffee is not within reach! I know I love an evening cup just to boost my energy. I'm very curious about these. This something that I would never have tried without AdoreBox

Summer's Eve Simply -  Coconut Water Cleansing cloths:
Natural Cleansing cloths to help maintain a healthyPH Free from Harsh Chemicals. You all know that I'm all about natural products without chemicals. These too are perfect for on the go since they are individually wrapped.

Yankee Candle Jar Ultimate: ARV $5.49
A Care Freshener that will keep your car smelling great! Since it hangs there is no spilling or melting. I am SOOOOOO excited for this. I am very lets say frugal and would probably not pay $5+ to try an air freshener. If I love it that's a different story.

Moe & Co Adjustable Braided Ring : ARV $19.00 This is another one I'm really excited about. It's SO pretty and since it's adjustable it fits any finger I want to wear it on. Designed to keep it's shine through hand washing, typing, dishes, and more.  I would have purchased this for myself and will wear it often. ARV is more than the entire box.

Sorme Natural Blotting Sheets: AVR $6.00 Cruelty Free (win) controls oil all day (win) and easy to carry (another win) I was shocked at the amount of oil that came off my face. So these are a MUST in purse now.

Sign up here. there are a few different subscription options .

Show AdoreBox some love, get spoilers for next month, and watch for amazing giveaways!!

I received this product complimentary but the opinion expressed is all mine. 

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