Thursday, February 11, 2016

EZGO Professional Eyelash Curler,Rechargeable Heated Eyelash Curler

I was a little afraid of this heated eyelash curler but overall I as intrigued. It was very unique and I couldn't wait to review it. When I got it in I was very shocked (even with the pics) to see that is is charged by USB port. This is not what I would have expected from a beauty product. But I plugged it into my computer anyway.

There's a red light that indicates it still need to charge that goes off when it's done. It was ready and fully charged in no time. The on/off button is a push button that works little pressure. It heats up in a few seconds and its ready to use. Now I'm pretty spastic so I was scared to put something really hot by my eyes. But I touched it and it's no a burning heat. It's the same heat you would achieve if you put your curler by the flat iron for a few seconds.

It's warm but not uncomfortable on my eyelashes so it's not one of those it's painful to beautiful products.
I used it just like a mascara wand from base to tip motion but at a slower pace. I did it a couple of times and my lashes were slightly curled. BUT I have lashes that are straight. I kid you not they stick almost straight out. I'm not lucky enough to have long, lushes lashes with a natural curl. I would absolutely recommend this product. It's just one smaller way I can avoid the need to wear falsies. I would use a lash primer after curling to enhance the pop of your mascara.

Grab one for yourself here: 

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