Friday, February 12, 2016

Safgal Sports Quality Purple Stability Core Balance Cushion Disc

I was really excited to try this because I need help with my core. The help with balance is an extra bonus. But I could use the extra help in both departments. The disc is very well made and it inflates quickly with the pump that is included. Like I said I need help in the balance department so it took me a while to get on the Fitimajig. After a while it got easier and easier. If I place my feet in the right position (one on each side of the disc) I can stay balanced longer. It really is a challenge to stay balanced and I feel it working my core and leg muscles while I'm standing.

The disc can be used in so many other ways. I love that I can put it on the ground to help with my planks.. I HATE planks but they are SOOO good for strengthening the core muscles I push myself to do them. Putting the Safgal Fitimajig under my arms makes it more challenging but it also makes it more comfortable in a way. My elbows are not pushed up against my hard floor.

There are many other ways to use the Fitimajig so it's extremely versatile and great for people of all ages.My children loved the challenge of getting on and trying to stay on. So it was something we tried as a family.
it comes with a great mesh bag to store it in and there is a small Velcro Pouch on the front where the pump fit perfectly.

The bag has a slight bit more room for a towel or maybe a bottle of water. It's easy and comfortable to carry with two side straps. It stays inflated very nicely, mine has been inflated for a couple of weeks and has not lost any air.

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