Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir

I will rarely splurge on makeup. I feel if it can do the same thing at a lower cost I'm going with that brand. But there are times when you have to splurge or should I say should splurge because after all you do get what you pay for in some instances.

I was very lucky to try Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara from Influenster.  To me just the name Marc Jacobs means splurging or pampering so I was very excited to try it.  Mascara is one of those products I feel I should splurge on because lashes can make or break a look.  I feel super sexy when my lashes are long and lush so I'm no stranger to higher end mascaras.  And believe me they all work very differently.

So the first thing I noticed about the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir is the tube is very eloquent . It's shape is odd and the color is classic black. But something I would display on my vanity for everyone to see.  The brush was mind blowing because I always thought it had to be curved to work. NOPE this one is pretty small with I guess an hour glass shape.

This was love at first swipe because now I don't' want to use any other mascara. My lashes look AMAZING (if I must say so myself). They look thicker and have more volume which makes them pop!   The mascara doesn't clump or smudge. It last for a long time... I work 10 hours a day and it's still there.  But still super easy to remove with a little makeup remover.

Overall I would recommend this mascara and will keep buying it. I am hooked! Thanks Influsenster for letter me try this new must have complimentary!

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