Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jinglevoxbox from Influenster

I was fortunate enough to be one the 15,000 Influenster members that received a JingleVoxBox complimentary to review for y'all. I love getting voxboxes they are full of amazing products sometimes products that are not even on the shelves yet.

My box arrived on Christmas Eve and I was so excited I wanted to dig right in. But with the hustle of the holidays it had to wait.  I'm excited to have the chance to share it with you.

The Adorable Pink Doll is from Hallmark's IttyBittys collection. They have tons of adorable IttyBittys to choose from. This one is Tangled she is the perfect size for my 9 month old daughter.  As you can see when I gave it to her she examined it for a while then decided she had a new tasty snack. I'm sure that's not what Hallmark had in mind but she loved it just the same. There are so many cute IttyBittys that I could start my own collection!

There is a set of Kiss True Volume Lashes in Posh. I've tried Kiss Lashes before and they are much more natural looking than most falsies. I was never a huge fan of falsies until I really tried a pair. They are amazing for special occasions and really complete a look. They make my eyes pop more than any mascara I have ever used. Kiss Lashes are very affordable ( you can pick these up for $3.99) and a trusted name. I have used the True Volume line so I'm excited to try them.  They also tossed a Kiss StripLash adhesive with Aloe you can grab that whole tube for $3.99 too!

OMG I'm munching on the BiscoffCookies that were included. These things are SO amazing. They taste like grown up version of cinnamon graham crackers (I'm sure the kids would love them too)  It's recommended to eat them with coffee or tea but they are just as good with a cup of cold milk.  For only $3.99 a box these will be my new snack idea  or breakfast on the go!

Cepaphil Moisturizing cream us a must have for the winter. Even though we don't get extreme cold my hands still suffer. So this is a great way to keep them soft. Light, absorbs quickly, unscented, and Never greasy so this is the perfect cream even with my sensitive skin.

  and NYC City Proof 24 Hour eyeliner both great inexpensive brands.   NYC has tons of great cosmetics for an amazing price. This eyeliner  Is a pencil that goes on super smooth and even.  
I received this entire box complimentary from Influester. Don't know what Influenster is? Only the most rockin' place to get reviews on the newest products! So why don't you join me? Make sure to link all of your Social Media for more chances at Free goodies! Here is where the fun starts!

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