Saturday, January 9, 2016

A little Extra help to loose Cellulite, no pills required

I was so excited to try these wraps. I have tried others before and saw results. These are smaller than other wraps I've used. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. One being small makes them more comfortable to wear. It's a bad thing because it doesn't get all the target areas. The wrap is stuck on one portion of my stomach so I can move freely. Also no Saran Wrap is needed to keep it in place. Once it's stuck it's not going any where. I can sleep, roll around to get comfortable, walk, brush my teeth all without worrying if The wrap is going to come loose. The design is perfect for that the hole in the belly button area makes it have a lot more give. That even makes it easier to apply. The adhesive can be pulled off in 3 sections. Now with that being said when the wrap is stuck it is STUCK. If I had belly hair there is NOOO more. This thing felt like I was ripping a stuck bandaid off. But I will deal with that over Saran Wrap crinkling under my clothes or a wrap that slides off and moves when I move.

The smell is pleasant it's slightly like cinnamon. It's also very light, so no offensive odors.
There is also NOOO residue. Once the wrap comes off I can go about my day. So I could wear these at the gym, work, while shopping then take them off in a bathroom if the time is up before I get home. The others I tried left a very sticky, gooey mess that made me cringe when I had to clean it. So there was NO way I could do that with them.
I can't vouch for effectiveness since I've only used 2 wraps. But I can tell you a day after I used my first wrap I lost a pound. I have also been exercising and dieting so it may be the combination of the three.  I was using this wrap to firm up my stomach skin because that is my problem area. But that was an encouraging sign!
The size of the pack is great for the price. There are ten wraps and to be used every other day.
To recap: I like these wraps better than others for several reasons.

1: they are smaller than other wraps = more comfortable
2: Stays in Place
3: No Saran Wrap required
4: Comes off clean with No residue
5: 10 wraps are included in pack

Overall I would recommend trying these if you are looking for a body wrap. So many benefits and so easy to wear.
So grab a pack below:

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. 

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