Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vicks Smart Temp Thermometer

Vicks made this thermometer for moms like me. I have six children and if they are all sick I have a very hard time keeping track of everybody's temp. I can write it down but those little papers fly away and get lost somewhere in oblivion. Now there's an app for that. AT first that statement was a huge joke but I don't know what I would do without some apps.

This thermometer is small and easy to use. Tip is smooth and comfortable under the tongue (yes i used it myself) It's easy to turn on with the push of a button and there is a green light that comes on when it's powered up. It only takes seconds for the temperature to read. Which anybody who has fought with a child to keep their mouth shut for a temperature reading knows that is a huge PLUS.

The cap fits perfectly and doesn't fall off when the thermometer is moved. So the tip is always protected.
One complaint is it cannot be used without the app as there is no temperature reading on the thermometer itself. I know it would be hard to keep track without the app but sometimes I may need a quick temp reading even if I dont' have my phone.; Vicks should have an option to use it without the app and this would be the best thermometer ever.

Grab a Vicks Smart Temp below: 

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