Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Yodo Group Diaper Bag

Okay I'll confess when I ordered a Pink bag from Yodo. I had neutral colors for my other children so I swore my last baby girl would have everything pink. I opened the box and was so disappointed when I got in a green a brown bag. But I started looking at the bag and feel in LOVE with the bag and it's features. Besides my husband refused to carry around a pink diaper bag.

So let's start with the material ~~ It is amazing. It's super soft but so easy to clean.It will not hold dirt or odors because all I have to do is wipe it clean. It's a deep brown color with slight lime green accents. So it's very gender neutral but cutesy at the same time. My husband is Okay with carrying it so it's not too cutesy.
There is a set of straps attached and an adjustable strap one that can be attached if you need a longer strap or taken off if you can use the shorter ones. The zippers opens closes smoothly and doesn't get stuck. All of the zippers are silver with a cute little circle on them.

There is a side pouch with a wipe holder. The holder is super cute and has a green top that matches the accents of the bag. I think this is one of my favorite features of this diaper bag. There is a hole is that pouch so I can open the wipe box without opening the diaper bag. That is every mother's DREAM!!!! I hate fighting with zippers when i need a wipe in a hurry.

Then there is an insulated bottle bag so you can make a warm bottle BEFORE you leave the house and keep it that way for a few hours. It can be attached to either side of the bag or removed depending on your preference. The bag closes easily with the bottle bag in it our you can leave it hanging out for quick access.

I would bet a mother designed this bag because it's so functional. There are stretchy pouches and zippers all over. So everything has a place to go neatly. Everything is not just jammed in a bag. I was able to put my water bottles in one stretchy pouch and the baby food + spoon in the other. A change of clothes tucked neatly in the inside zipper. A burp cloth and blanket tucked neatly in the front zipper pouch. There are two/three other pouches so plenty of room.

When I have to reach for something in this bag it's not all over, so I don't have to dig, I can grab exactly what I need. The bag including everything I have packed in there is super lightweight.

I'm sure from my previous post you realize I did get my Pink bag! They are both awesome and
You can buy them both here.

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