Thursday, October 29, 2015

DREAM BEAR® Soft Wearable Baby Bib

I loved the idea of a silicone bib. The cloth bibs get very dirty and when they are wet the water seeps through to my baby's clothes. They are not easy easy to clean and have to be washed most of the time to get clean. So when I was able to review this bib I was very excited.

The silicone is SUPER soft, I was surprised to see that it was rolled up in the package but undamaged when I pulled it out. When I unrolled the bib it popped into shape immediately. This is a great feature because I can put in it the diaper bag without ruining the shape.

The bib is pretty big so it covers majority of my baby's front. That's great because there is no clothing exposed. Because you know the mess will find it's way to the smallest piece of exposed clothing!
The concept of the straps is really nice but a little flawed. I like that it slips on like a jacket and is worn over the shoulders instead of tied only around the neck.

It fastens behind the back and there are not strings to tie. It's a belt type fastener where you slip the little raised knob into a hole on the strap. That's is a pain in the behind the first time because baby's don't keep still and it is behind their back so you have to keep them forward. The first time I just slipped it on and left it unfastened. Maybe once the holes are stretched a little it will be easier.

Since it is designed to cover most of the body It stays in place. Even not being fastened it never moved even when my baby wiggled in her chair. Because it doesn't move, It is not irritating like the ones that only go around the neck.

Overall I love this bib, it makes cleaning up after feeding so easy. All I need is a wipe or wet towel to clean up the bib. For a more sanitized cleaning I can pop it in the sink and wash it with soap and water. I have used other silicone bibs and this one is a much better quality. The silicone being soft makes it much more manageable. The way it straps straps on, although a little difficult at first, is a better design.

There is also a green bib available if pink is not your color! You can grab yours here.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. this post contains affiliate links

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