Monday, October 27, 2014

My dogs love Pedigree Stackerz

I was very excited to share this Voxbox from Influenster with my furry babies. This is the first pet centered box I have seen and my dogs were very happy to be chosen.  The flavor they received was Filet Mignon and Bacon my first thought was wow they will get to eat better than us. 

I give my little furry ones treats after every bath so I took the bag out and they new what was coming. You see the little on in the corner? He was way to hyper for me to get a picture that was not blurry. The one below was the best I could get, he was looking up at me like why won't you just hurry up? 

I was very happy to see how soft these treats were, Caesar has choked before on a bone so I don't like to give them hard treats. So these were very long but easy to break in two pieces. There is also 2 layers to the treat but they didn't fall apart and crumble.

Caesar and Gizzy had no problems eating them and the treat was gone in seconds. I obviously can't vouch for how tasty these are but from the wagging tails and lip licking I can tell you my babies liked them. They both begged for another. And you know momma gave them another one! 

We received these complimentary from Influenster ( a rockin word of mouth social site) but the opinion expressed is all mine and my dogs! If you want an invite to Influenster let me know, I have a few more to go around. Stay tuned for another voxbox first impression post REALLY soon. 

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