Monday, October 27, 2014

ChapStick® Hydration Lock Moisturize & Renew

I constantly use some type of lip balm. I hate dry chapped lips and let's face it they hurt. It seems like once they are dry and cracked everything i do irritates them. So i like to prevent them from getting that way. So I was more than happy to join the ChapStick campaign on Smiley360.

I received a tube of The Night and Day chapstick which Promotes 24 Hour Care and has 2 Formulas in 1. An Ultra-conditioning daytime formula and the night formula helps replenish overnight with tamanu oil, natural butters, and antioxidants.

The extra hydration at night and SPF for day time use is perfect to help me maintain soft kissable lips. Not to mention it's much easier to eat and talk with soft lips because it hurts when they are chapped.

The day side is unscented/unflavored, the night side has a soft chamomile scent but truthfully that doesn't make a big difference to me. I can take or leave a scent as long as it's not stinky. Neither side felt sticky or gooey but I knew it was there a long time after I applied it so it has staying power. I never felt an overwhelming need to whip off the Chapstick and that is a big deal. I can't stand my lips feeling gooey or sticky.

I received these products complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review from Smiley360. If you want an invite to join Smiley360 and review products for free, let me know! 

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  1. I love chapstick's Night and Day! I use lip protection at night as well as during the day, especially in the winter when the air is dryer inside.