Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vizeri Beauty Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set Review + Giveaway

I have used Argan Oil before with a lot of success. It usually smells great and works well.  I was happy when I was chosen to review The Vizeri Beauty Argan oil shampoo and conditioner. This set gives your hair a rejuvenating transformation starting from the first use.

A little bit about the Vizeri Beauty Argan oil shampoo and it conditioner. The shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo that gives your hair a new lease on life and it makes it manageable, voluminous, easy to so style and lustrous. Moraccan oil leaves no residue or greasy build up so it is good for all types of hair. The renewing conditioner gently detangles and moisturizes without weighing hair down.

With a blend of Argan oil made by Morocaan women it has gentle cleansing actives and natural plant extracts that ensure tons of compliments on how soft, shiny, silky and healthy your hair looks.

Something I have never seen in a shampoo and conditioner, this set has natural UV sun protection which is great because I never wear a hat. I know I should but I always forget or when I remember they are just too hot or uncomfortable to leave on.

Argan Oil also repairs damage caused by harsh chemicals or damaging heat. Both of which I am very guilty of doing to my hair. It is color safe and alcohol free. Great for any type of hair and helps with dry scalp and dandruff.

The first thing I noticed about this set is how good it smells.  It's a very pleasant smell and the smell lasts all day without being overbearing. Every now and then I noticed the smell when I move my head a certain way. Both are pink in color and pretty thick in consistency.

I wasn't very happy at first  because the shampoo didn't lather much but I add a small amount more and a little more water and it was fine. I am huge on lather although everything I have been told or read says lather is not necessarily a good thing. But this shampoo didn't lather a TON but it was good enough to satisfy my need for lather.

If you have read any of my other post about conditioner I always overuse it. I know that the entire bottle is not necessary but it used to make me feel better.   So this time I was very disciplined with the conditioner and put on a small amount in my hair.  I put just a nickle to quarter size amount and worked it into my ends. The entire time I knew I would have tons of knots and tangles when I brushed my hair.  I am happy to report that I had no knots or tangles which is extremely unusual for my hair. That made me very impressed.

When I use a new shampoo and conditioner I use it the first time with no styling products to see how it works (unless I'm going somewhere and need my hair to look fabulous). My hair looked great it was clean, soft, and silky without being weighed down. I had a natural bounce and shine to my hair.

Now one of you have the chance to win your own set of Vizeri Beauty Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner but I have to go over the rules. Here they are:

Entries will be accepted from  09/09/14 - 09/23/14

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  1. I love any kind of scented products..especially hair.Argan Oil products are awesome so this really appeals to me :)

  2. I don't care for a heavily scented shampoo and I actually prefer any shampoo, lotions etc to only be lightly scented or unscented. There is nothing worse than standing next to someone and being affected by their scent via headaches.

  3. I like a shampoo that's not super heavily fragranced, but I do like some fragrance in my shampoo! Right now I'm using a Pantene shampoo.

  4. I need to find a good shampoo for my damaged color treated hair. I don't have a favorite. I have tried everything but Argan. Charlotte

  5. I like shampoo that is heavily scented. Where I wake up the next morning and can still smell my hair. I haven't found the perfect shampoo yet, but ones with argan oil do tend to help with the frizz.

  6. I do like heavily scented shampoos/conditioners. Right now I am using a suave that smells delicious! :)

  7. My favorite shampoos are actually not heavily scented. I like the ones that don't lather too much, since that tends to be from harsh chemicals. Lightly scented & natural shampoos are my favorite.

  8. I used Head and Shoulders daily my whole life up to bout 4 yrs ago. When i stopped buying/using it i ran into a lottt of problems with my scalp (dry, oily, itchy, etc). I couldn't use any shampoo at all for a long time, months,, I had to let the pours on my scalp open up. Now, i have no scalp issues, and only shampoo couple times a week. I shower daily, but don't use shampoo every day on my hair lol.

  9. I LOVE a great smelling shampoo! I don't mind if it's stonly scented because then I know after my hair dries it will still smell good! I am currently using Redken "So Soft"

  10. I wish i could win this i really need this product been looking for it for so long

  11. it depends...years ago this probably dates me horribly...but I used to use Gee, your hair smells terrific because I really loved the scent. Now I use whatever I can that helps my hair look its best since it is color treated and stressed a bit due to ahem, aging.

  12. Wow, this shampoo and conditioner sound like just what my hair needs! My hair tangles very easily and winds itself into knots that are so bad I've had to cut them out. My hair is also coloured so it's rather miserable at the moment. To win this set would make all the difference to my hair and my confidence. Keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed!
    Good luck everyone!

  13. I like mildly scented shampoo but don't have a favorite.


  15. I don't care if my shampoo is heavily scented. I'm more concerned with how it works. I do love shampoos with Argan oil in them! My favorite shampoo is Acure.