Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Madison Reed Salon Quality Hair color at home

I was so excited when I got to work with Madison Reed.If you are not familiar with Madison Reed they offer salon quality hair color in the privacy of your own home for a fraction of the price then a salon. I normally do my color from a box and I'm happy with the results. But I've done that my entire life with the exception of few salon colors here and there. I'm too lazy and too cheap to go to a salon.  I hate spending two hours in a salon thinking about the things I had to do. I am probably the only women in the world that doesn't like the down time of a salon but I really don't. You would think want to go with 5 kids but I can't explain it. 

I got  the full experience and I went on the website and got to choose my color. I was very nervous to chose my own color. Then the one I wanted kept giving me an error that it was too light for my skin tone. So I started chatting with a color expert. She was super friendly and helpful . I loved that she told me not to hesitate to contact them at any time if I had question. That is always makes me feel like I am not a bother and the workers like their job. That also makes me feel the company appreciates my business. 

Within a couple days I got an email with a tracking number. This is where the tracking number lead me. A cute little tracking calendar on that comes up on Madison Reed's site. 

When I opened my package I was very impressed they had things i would have never thought of but were very useful. 

There is a pack of gloves with not 2 but 4 gloves so you can wear a set when washing out the dye too. There was a barrier cream to put around my forehead so the solution didn't drip in my eyes, a cap to put on so I didn't have to be isolated in the kitchen for the duration, plus a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and of course the solution for the dye. 

The next thing I noticed was how good it smelled. Yes I said a hair color smelled good! This is a first for me too but it did, the entire box smelled good. 

So of course I couldn't wait to dye my hair but it's Labor Day weekend and that pool is looking mighty good! So I got back on the computer and left a message for a color adviser. I wanted to know how long I had to wait before I could jump in. The very quickly emailed me back and let me know not only how long to wait but how to preserve my hair color once I could get in.  So that's 2 times that I contacted a color adviser and had a good experience.  

So it was supposed to rain all day and night for the weekend so I figured why not color my hair. As you can see, my roots were very far along so I needed it desperately.

Even after mixing the dye and activator there was no chemical smell. My husband even said wow this smells good. I put the barrier cream on my forehead and that smelled good to. It reminded me of herbs. It also worked great I had no dye in my eyes and it never dripped.  You see there is a little dripped by my ear but none on my fore head (that is all barrier cream) 

When we were done putting the color in my roots I was able to pull all of my hair into the cap which is super stylish! You know you want one. But seriously it was a huge help because normally I just put my hair in a clip and it falls out. So I am banished to sit in the kitchen in a hard chair. But this way I was able to sit in the living room on the sofa. 

After an hour total I rinsed out the color which didn't take long. I washed with the shampoo and conditioner which smells AMAZING! I had enough left  for a few more washes because it didn't take much of either. 

This is the end result! Amazing natural highlights. It isn't as light as my other color but I'm okay with that. It does not look like I just dyed my hair, it looks like my hair is naturally growing in blonde. There are lots of high lights and low lights making it look just like it did when I was in high school before I started dying. 

I will definitely keep using Madison Reed hair color it is more natural looking than the box color I was using, better for my hair, and faster/cheaper than sitting in a salon. All three of those are HUGE pluses. They also offer an automatic refill process. You just put in how often you dye your hair and they will automatically send you a kit that way you don't get roots that look like mine! 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. This post also includes affiliate links. 


  1. It looks nice! I've never colored my hair, but I've been thinking of trying it. At 49, I don't have a lot of gray, but I feel like something new, you know?

    1. I completely understand. what color are you thinking of trying?

  2. Nice product. I don't like the boxed stuff generally. This product looks so much better.

  3. I like how much information and pics you included in this review! It's ironic that I just box colored yesterday, and I am less than happy to say the very least! It never looks natural and it's so damn messy!

    1. Thank you Dana! If you decide to try Madison Reed please consider using my link, I get points :) -- FYI right now you get 50% off your first order.

  4. What color did you use???