Monday, September 8, 2014

Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter Review

We have animals so naturally we get a lot of flies and mosquitoes in our house. It never fails some way they always get in. Whether it's from my children leaving the mesh screen door open too long or them leaving a crack big enough for the bugs to come in. My husband despises flies so when they are in the house he or my son is ALWAYS running around with a fly swatter hitting things.

One day this fly kept landing on my leg and the entire time my son stood over me. I had to keep warning him not to hit me. I have heard that fly swatter hit the table so I know it wouldn't have been pleasant. Besides I was having mild flashbacks from my childhood. You see, I was whacked with a fly swatter on more than on occasion.

So when I saw the Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter I knew it was something we NEEDED, this is necessity for me people you just don't understand.  But anyway I was very happy I was chosen to review it and so was my husband.  The package arrived at my door. I will say this thing is MUCH bigger than I expected. It really is about the size of a tennis racket. So that surprised me a lot.

Five minutes or less later my husband see a fly and asks " have you taken all your pictures yet?" Well no, I just opened the box and I'm pretty sure you didn't see a camera in my hand did you?  So I hurried up and took a picture of the packaging and the swatter and there he was putting in the batteries. The minute he grazed the fly, it was dead on the floor.

He was so amazed by that later on that evening he couldn't wait to show the kids. Truthfully I think he let bugs in on purpose so he could test his new "toy" to the fullest. I would say this is a great addition to my bug defense system!  You can't put a bug zapper in the house, this is the next best thing.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing product if you have lots of bugs flying around. Where I live, in Victoria BC Canada, we don't really get many bugs; in fact I don't think I saw one mosquito this summer! If I did though, this product would be perfect!

  2. This looks super neat! I would love to try this and see what bugs I can catch. :)

  3. this is what i need at my apartment lol. my cat ignores all bugs.

    1. haha when our cats were in the house (instead of their own) they would chase bugs all over. It was so funny to watch.

  4. Been wondering how we were going to kill the very few flies that get through our protection as I really hate flies