Friday, May 16, 2014

May's Ipsy Glambag

It's that time again May's Ipsy bag is here. I'm very excited about this bag because there are two products I have never used before. That is what makes Ipsy fun is to discover new things. Don't get me wrong I love a new color shadow or lip gloss but if I can find something that I can't live without I think it great.

As most of you know Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag with 4 - 5 deluxe sample or full size beauty products delivered straight to your door for only $10.00 per month. They all have a theme and come with a coordinating makeup bag. Most of the bags are super cute. I can honestly say even if I hate EVERYTHING in a bag one month (that's highly unlikely) I wouldn't cancel.  I just know if I did cancel the next bag would be the most amazing one I ever saw.  Lately there have been so many variations between bags I wouldn't mind getting two Ipsy bags but I would be afraid of duplicates so I haven't done it yet.

This month's theme is Fresh Picks - So what is in my May Glambag? Lets see:

The first thing is a deluxe size sample Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50 while admittedly there is nothing fun or exciting about SPF it is a necessity so I'm happy to try a new brand. It has a light scent and goes on smooth. I will be using it soon because we spends tons of time outdoors during the spring/summer months.  Full size sells for $12.99.

The next thing is a deluxe size sample Pacifica Mineral Shadow duo #2 which is a shiny white and a deep purple matte shadow. I received Pacifica perfume a while back but did not know they had eyeshadows. I always like to try new shadows and these colors look interesting, a little out of my comfort zone with the white. But I'm excited to try this. Full size quad sells for $14.00

The next thing I'm ridiculously excited about trying a 1.75 oz size bottle Avene Thermal Spring Water. I know I probably shouldn't be this excited because like a post on Instagram said "it's water" but I have never even heard of cosmetic water before so this is completely new. I imagine it will be a refreshing spritz for after a workout or like it says after a shave to prevent razor burn. So I can't wait to give this a try. Full size sells for $18.00 -- I can imagine more like hope it's more than water.

The next thing is a .5 oz size bottle of NO Frizz Organic Sesame and Lemon Grass Balancing oil. I"m a little on the fence about this one but I'll try anything once. I do have frizzy hair so it's not like I wouldn't benefit from it. Plus I have grown fond of using oils in my hair so you never know I may love this one. Full size 1 oz sells for $25.00

The last thing is probably the thing I am most excited to try a .34 oz tube of BooBoo Cover a concealer with healing benefits.  How cool is that? I hate my scars and fresh wounds or even acne showing so if this help heal and conceal, that's amazing. This is also a product I have never heard of so it's something new. Full size sells for $19.99

So I think this month's glambag is hit. What do you think? What did you get that you are excited to try? If you are not an Ipsy member and want to join, please use my link!


  1. The Ipsy box sounds really nice! I know some people carry those water sprays on planes, because your skin can dry out & they spritz their faces.

  2. I need to talk someone into getting me a subscription for my birthday. This looks like so much fun!

  3. I've been considering signing up with Ipsy or a competitor? Do you have any comparisons? I like Michelle Phan's story. Have you seen her video "Draw my Life"?

    1. I have not seen her story. I have to check it out. I LOVE Wantable
      Starlooks is cool for only $15/m
      If you want something a little bit different BuluBox would be $5/m with my code
      Please use my like if you decide to sign up for any of them and come back and let me know.

  4. I hadn't heard of Ipsy before - thanks for sharing! $10/months seems like a steal for all those great products!

  5. I use the Avene thermal water too, it's a miracle water :D