Friday, October 18, 2013

Mandyland Polish

Hi everybody, I have a new amazing polish maker to tell you about. Mandy from Mandyland Polish was sweet enough to send me three of her beautiful polishes to review for y'all. Mandy says 'all of my polishes are made from cosmetic grade materials and are three-free: NO dibutyl, phthalate, toluene, or formaldehyde! As they are hand mixed by me, please keep in mind there may be a slight variations among batches. Also the pigment should not settle due to the quality of the base but it never hurts to give the bottle a good shake between uses"  The polishes cost between $6.00 - $9.00 a piece and she has lots of adorable colors to choose from.

I've said it before pink is not my thing but I think I'm starting to really like pink so, of course the first one I grabbed was the pink, She's Always a Woman. When I opened the package my girls gathered around with lots of oohs and ahhs so I had to hide in a room to avoid my girls screaming "momma, please do my nails too". Not that I mind doing their nails but you understand, I will just have to do them later. This is a dark pink with pretty sparkly flecks that go on smoothly and spreads evenly. I love summer I love the heat, the pool, the beach, and the bright colors and this color says summer fun to me.

When I first saw Piano Man I thought okay not so bad it's grey/silver very nice for winter. Then I put it on and was so impressed. It is a very nude color, it doesn't come out grey at all. The first thing I thought was this would be great for a job interview. But it would also be great for people who unlike me, don't like bright bold colors. Although I like like bright bold colors I really like this polish it was very pretty with the soft shine that reflected light. I can't wait to use this as a top coat over one of my more matte colors to see the results.

I saved the glitter, Only the Good Die Young for last, I ALWAYS save the glitter for last. I love them, think they are beautiful but removing them could make me lose my mind some times.This glitter has pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow pretties in it.  They are all different shapes they have stars, circles, squares, dots, and they are all different sizes. When I looked very carefully I saw little black dots as well. They are easy to apply and don't take much digging to get them out as long as you shake the bottle before each use. The polish itself is a clear jelly texture so as you can see I paired it with a white base. I just found it stood out more with a back ground.  I didn't think I would like this one when I first saw it but I love it.This is by far the most fun polish I have ever tried. It is so colorful that it makes me smile when I look at it.  It reminds me of a birthday party for some reason but it is not childish in anyway. This would be good for any age. Not only is it fun to look at it it was fun to apply. I felt like an artist with the brush picking the colors I wanted and applying them strategically.  You can apply as many or as few pretties as you want, there are no rules. I tried to get all the colors on each nail and think I did an okay job. As with any glitter and decorative polish it applies easier if you dab the brush and not stroke the it. Also apply a top coat it will make the decorations less likely to rise or fall off.

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I received these polishes complimentary for testing purposes but the opinion is all mine. 


  1. I'm totally in love with those polishes! They are gorgeous!