Wednesday, August 28, 2013


As you all know I am an animal rehabber and that can get costly. Nobody likes to constantly ask (beg) for donations but who has the money to pay up front for a fund raiser? With TeeSpring I don't have to worry about that. This is how TeeSpring works, you pay no money upfront and you don't order any thing yourself.

On their website you can design a shirt for you organization or cause. There are lots of options for you. You can chose from twenty-two different shirt colors, the type of shirt you want anything from a basic Tshirt to a hoodie, and you can also upgrade the quality of your shirt.  Once you have chosen the type and color you move on to the fun part, decorating your shirt. You can pick one or more of the 10,000 images available in the art library or you can upload your own. Add text -- you know what I'm talking about, your slogan or name of your origination. You can easily change the color of the image or text as well.

Once your done with the shirt you move on to choosing a selling price of the shirt, set a goal (how many you want to sell), and how long you want to meet that goal. You can also see how much your profit will be with various goals.

For the next step, you tell people what you are trying to raise money for. This is a way to really get people interested in buying a shirt for your cause. Create a URL and then launch the campaign. Then promote it by sending links on FaceBook, Twitter, email, pretty much any social media. Then anybody that is interested can order the size they need.

So no upfront cost, no ordering sizes you "think" people will need, and no excess TShirts to hide in your garage because they didn't sell. I designed a shirt for my good cause will you? What do you have to lose?

Here is a couple of short videos if about the site if you are interested overview and designer tutorial
I was compensated for this post but the opinion is truthful and honest. 

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