Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get 50% off of BA-Star Mineral Shadow

I never heard of BA-Star cosmetics until I received an invitation to this campaign and from what I've seen on their website I think I've been missing out.  Their website has a wonderful selection of make up some of it is geared towards girls who do pageants or cheer leading competitions but they have beautiful palettes that look great for everyday use. They also have palette kits that can be used to create your entire look. Their whole selection is very affordable too. The glitter and mineral shadow sell for only $8.75 each. If you keep reading there's a great deal for you. 

I received a sample of the mineral eye shadow in Diamond Star Dust and a glue shadow base I would have never thought of using a shadow glue but it is a very nice idea. It is not sticky like a glue it is only a base to
hold the mineral shadow in place.  The glue is white in the tube but don't freak out it goes on clear.

The shadow is a loose powder so just a word of advice don't over shake the container before you open it like I did. I had glitter every where and my hands stayed full of glitter for a long time.

The color I received was a white sparkle so I didn't use as an actual shadow but I used it to highlight my shadow. It is very comfortable to wear and you don't feel it on your eyes, nor does it dry like an actual glue. It is very easy to remove all it takes is soap and water. It never bled or ran in my eyes and it stayed in place for my ten hour work day.  Keep in mind I don't sweat profusely, okay probably never while working, I sit behind a desk.

Since the mineral shadow that I received is so glittery and sparkly that I would not wear it on a daily basis or to the office. I would wear it for a night of clubbing, in a pageant, to a cheer leading competition, or any other time you want that extra sparkle.

 I have an amazing deal to share with ya'll. Go to the BA-Star website and enter code BBDUST at check out to receive 50% off your order. Since their products are so affordable this is an amazing deal.

I received this product for testing purposes but no additional compensation was given for this post. 

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