Friday, August 30, 2013

Kor Water

I never heard of Kor Water until I entered their contest on FaceBook because one of my friends recommended I enter. The more I learned about Kor the more I wanted to win and guess what ?? I was lucky enough to WIN!! Yay I hardly even "win" anything but that doesn't stop me from trying. Okay back to the reason for this post. 

I very recently realized how bad I needed to start drinking more water. What I never realized I was probably dehydrated. I would only drink my coffee in the morning and my drinks with my meals, nothing else. It's said you need 8 oz of water a day so I wasn't even close. I started drinking more and feel so much better plus I have more energy. Not only is drinking water good for you it is also linked to weight loss so that's another huge reason to drink more.  

In my prize pack I received the cutest .500 ml Kor Hydration Vessel with frogs on it from the Kor's Kids collection. Immediately I had to tell my children it was mine they shouldn't get any ideas.  I thought it was is a water purifying vessel but it is not. What it does is reduced the amount of waste because it is refillable. That means no more throwing away tons of water bottles a week. It's also a lot more sanitary then refiling the same water bottle because it is very easy to wash the spout. I use a baby bottle brush to clean the inside of mine. 

If saving the environment or being sanitary is not appealing how about saving money. If you really break it down a gallon of water cost roughly $1.00 and ONE bottle of  water cost around $1.00. It really makes since to buy the gallon but nobody wants to tote a gallon while working out. That's where a Kor vessel comes in handy, you can fill it up and be on your way. The handle is perfect to carry if you walk or jog  to workout. It would be more comfortable then holding a bottle in my opinion. My husband pointed out that the handle could possibly be clipped to you belt loop with the right clip (I didn't try this). 

The spout is a perfect size which makes it easy and comfortable to drink out of.  You can mix your favorite flavoring in as well because the cap keeps the vessel completely sealed. This seal is also great because you know your drinking surface is not exposed. 

There are lots of colors and designs to choose from so check out the Kor website. There is a beautiful purple that I want next. Then maybe I will let my children use the frog one... Maybe. Kor vessels are BPA free and 1% of the sales support nature conservancy so that's two more reasons to check them out. The vessel I received sales for $13.95, the others vary in price. 

Are you drinking enough? Here is a hydration calculator just for fun check it out. 

I won this so of course, I was under no obligation to post this but I love sharing amazing products with my readers. 

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