Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BB Cream as primer?

 I have tested tons of BB Creams, okay maybe not tons but I have tested enough. During one of my test I had ten different BB Creams. One thing they have in common is most of them are not enough coverage for me.  I'm not ready to let a bb cream take the place of my foundation unless it is a beach day or a day where I can be "without" makeup.  On those days I wear my bb cream, blush, and powder.

So I started using them a base for my foundation or a primer so to speak. Why use a bb cream at all you ask?  The simple answer is my skin feels better then ever. I have never received so many compliments on my skin before using a bb cream. My face is clearer, smoother, it has almost a glow to it since I started using a bb cream under my foundation.  As a bonus my foundation goes on smoother and stays on much longer.  Just a note, I have combination skin so I have to be extra careful when choosing a bb cream because some of them make my skin extremely oily. I should also add that I use a regular moisturizer underneath the bb cream. I know it's supposed to be all you need but I just can't do. If you are wondering what bb cream to try L'Oreal Age Perfect is my fav so far. It sells for around $15.00 and you can get it at a drug store near you. One of my least favorites was L'Oreal Magic but I gave it my mother in-law and she loved it.

So I know they say if it's not broke don't fix it but I've been seeing a lot of hype about primers and I use a primer for my eye shadow so I had to try one for my face. I tried the NYC New York Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer it runs for around $5.00 and you can also pick it up at most of your favorite stores. It goes on nicely and isn't heavy on your skin. There is no pealing or flaking and my foundation stayed on a little longer than without it. It wasn't a bad product but I used it for a couple of days and went back to my bb cream.

If you have  never tried a bb cream try one you may fall in love. I never thought I would find one so don't stop until you find one that works with your skin.


  1. Very interesting post! I have wanted to try a bb cream, but know that I'd need/want more coverage than any could deliver. This is a great idea to layer it under a foundation.


    1. Thank you. let me know if you try layering and how it works for you.

  2. I'm not ready to let a bb cream take the place of my foundation unless it is a beach day with Appointbox or a day where I can be "without" makeup.