Friday, May 31, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy

When SheSpeaks invited me to try this book I was over the top excited I want to lose weight and if I don't have to diet even better. I don't follow diets very well because I have little or no will power when it comes to food. I don't mean I eat EVERYTHING I just mean I don't like to deprive myself. I feel if I want a cookie, I will eat a cookie. I started reading this book and thought WOW this is great I may actually be able to follow this non-diet plan.
It's a 28 day process and there are four phases to follow, Haylie talks about eating every four hours and hey, I can do that,I do on daily basis. I have never done it like she describes but when I do snack I try to make it as healthy as possible. But she gave specific things with specific time frames to eat them and again I thought this won't be so bad. I like fruits and vegetables there is even a "phase" that allows for carbs.  Then she gives you exact foods you can eat during the phases. She also tells you what type of exercise to do during the phase.  There is one HUGE rule if it's not on the list don't eat it.
None of this is hard and I understand that but this is what happened. I started out with every intentions on following phase one to a T Monday morning then life got in the way. The first excuse I had was I forgot to bring the book or a list with me to the grocery store so I wasn't stocked up on phase one foods to eat, then you know I looked at the list and coffee was not on it OMG I can't live without my coffee, then the last thing was I forgot to eat within thirty minutes of waking.
So needless to say I never actually made it through any of the phases but I am hoping one day I will work up the will power and have the mindset to be completely prepared and work my way through all of the phases.
This books is very well written, easy to follow, with very basic instructions. There is no guess work on your part so if you are looking to lose weight and have the will power to eat only certain things this book would be for you. From what I see this is not a starvation diet it is just a "strictly limited to" these foods on these days. Sorry I really wish I could sit here and tell you -- or show you that I'm 20lbs lighter but I never even tried.

  • I received this product free from SheSpeaks but the opinion is all mine.

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