Sunday, May 26, 2013

Olay FreshEffect Shine, Shine Go away Minimizing cleanser

I was around twenty but I remember the day it like it was yesterday. I was walking around Walmart and one the sample ladies asked me "What do you use to clean your face?" I stopped to talk to her thinking  to myself what does she mean? I told her "nothing just soap. I wanted to hide when she answered me "I can tell". Shocked and embarrassed I followed her down the isle and she handed me a ton of products she said I needed. I was feeling pretty bad about myself, I mean my skin must be terrible if a stranger can tell I don't use anything special to clean my face. I decided a little later during the shopping trip (probably just making myself feel better) that she was only try to sell me those products and put them back. Plus my husband said his mom and sister only used Clinique and it was the best I would be wasting my money buying those products.

A few weeks later I was at the Clinique counter getting my "free" makeover and my makeup had never looked so good. As far as makeup I have always been a Covergirl or Maybelline user but when I saw how good my make up looked after my "makeover' I had to have theirs. I remember looking at the price of some of the products thinking WOW this will cost a small fortune but  I purchased everything the girl recommended for my skin plus more. I do have to admit my makeup NEVER again looked the way it did that day but  I never got insulted about my skin by a total stranger after using the products so I guess they were working.

I never questioned it and for years I went to the counter but cringed a little when I spent $200/$300 but it was the "best" plus it was for my skin and I'm worth it.  I recently started doing product testing for some my favorite sites you see me talk about here, I have also met some great people in the process.  During my testing I've been introduced to some other brands of makeup which were not necessarily new but something I hadn't tried.  I would see reviews of other cleansers, makeup, and moisturizers that were not near as costly as Clinique. I thought it would be great to find something that worked and not have to spend a small fortune for it.

One of the girls I follow on Twitter posted about how much she liked the Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine GoAway cleanser so when there was a sample available I was excited to try it for myself. I also was very excited because I have a problem with my forehead getting shiny mid-day. The first thing I have to say is the sample was very generous in my opinion it was 20ml and not just one of those little pods that other companies send.

Since it is a cleanser I used it in place of my facial soap. The first time I used it the color threw me off because it is a silverish color, my camera could not capture it enough for me to show you.  I put a small amount on my finger and started to lather it. The smell is very light but very pleasant and it lathers wonderfully. After creating a great lather I lightly scrubbed then rinsed my face. The first night I noticed that my face didn't feel dried out like it did sometimes after I washed my face with my previous facial soap. After using for a few days I grew to love the Shine, Shine go away, my face has never felt fresher, or cleaner. I follow it with my moisturizer and my face feels amazingly soft and smooth. Last but not least my face is not shiny and oily mid-day -- EVEN after using BBCream and that usually makes me look like and oil slick.

Not only is this just as good as the Clinique I was previously using, it is better I will replace my facial soap with this. I also look forward to trying other products in this line. This proves that you don't have to spend more to get a good quality product.  The entire FreshEffects line is inexpensive and they often have coupons in the Sunday paper. If you want to check out the line her is a link to the Olay website

Although the product was a sample, I was not asked to do this post nor did I receive any compensation for this post.. And yes the opinions are all mine!

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