If you are considering working with me, thank you. I am PR friendly. I have fun reviewing any types of products from makeup, to technology, to travel  I enjoy it all.  In my list of favorite things  I listed a lot of things I love but forgot to mention dancing, movies, music, food and I love to bake.  I have 4 teenangers,  one preteen, and two under 8 that love to help me. They are super opinionated , worse than me, can you believe? 

My followers are a diverse group of people ranging from woman in the 20 s- 40s and beyond to men in their 20s - 40s.

Depending on the price of the product there is no charge for the post. I share all pictures and links on all of my social media so your product will get the attention that you desire.  I do not do Amazon reviews nor can I pay to collaborate.  I have an active YouTube account so I do videos as well but I haven't  uploaded in a long time. 

If you have a product you would like me to test please contact me at to discuss details. - If you have any question please ask. Stats available upon request.


  1. It's nice to see you post about your testing. You list your demographics and personal tastes. It allows your readers to really understand what is and isn't going to be on your site.

  2. I thank you for all the pointers and comments. I appreciate blogging with you, and look forward to building our relationship in the future.