Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How to Use Essential Oils

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You do not need to be an aromatherapist to use them! There are three ways to use essential oils. You can use some oils aromatically, some topically, and some can even be taken internally.

Tests have shown oils reach the heart, liver, and thyroid in 3 seconds when inhaled; they were found in the bloodstream in 26 seconds when applied topically. Expulsion of essential oils takes 3-6 hours in a normal, healthy body.

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is aromatically. Many of us have had a time where a smell triggers a memory—freshly baked bread, pine needles, or spring flowers can easily take you back to positive times in your life. Essential oils are the same!

1.Place a couple of drops in the palm of your hand.
2.Rub your hands together.
3.Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

Diffusion is another great way to use essential oils aromatically. By creating a fine aromatic mist, diffusers allow you to create a spa-like atmosphere and enjoy the benefits of essential oils in any environment. Young Living offers a wide variety of diffusers, and when you enroll as a new member, you will receive a diffuser in your Premium Starter Kit.

Essential oils can also be applied to the skin. This is known as topical application. Topical application is a great way to support your skin because essential oils are easy to use and provide quick benefits. If you have never used essential oils, one great area of the body to apply them topically is to the feet. They can be found in the bloodstream in 26 seconds when applied topically.

Some people choose to use essential oils internally by adding them to water or liquid, placing them in a capsule, or taking one of Young Living’s oil-infused products. Peppermint Vitality, for example, can help promote healthy bowel function and support overall digestion when taken internally.
In 20 minutes of using an essential oil they will affect every cell in the body!!
These oils are labeled as Vitality oils – which are safe for consumption.

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