Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why Changing Beauty Products During the Winter is a good idea

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Do you buy New Beauty Care Items for the Winter Season? Should you buy new beauty products for winter? The answer is Yes you should!!

Did you know there are good reasons to change your beauty care products in the winter in order to protect your skin from the damaging affects of colder temperatures? You may notice that your facial and body skin changes during the winter as you are exposed to cold air. To remain warm in the winter, you use a furnace that emits warmed air that tends to dry your skin quickly, leading to itchiness. In addition, you are likely unable to get outside as often in natural sunlight that is vital for manufacturing vitamin D.

Use Moisturizing Bath Soaps and Body Creams

While in the summer you might have oily skin that requires cleansing with astringents, you can develop dry patches of skin on your face, knees and elbows during the winter. Instead of using deodorizing bath soap that removes excess oil, you can switch to using gentle or moisturizing soaps. After you are finished with a bath or shower, apply luxurious body creams and lotions to keep your skin from becoming drier in a home’s climate-controlled air. Take extra time each day to apply lubricating serums around your eyes where the thin skin develops dryness quickly.

Apply Protective Lip Balms Throughout the Day

One of the first areas of your face that you will notice a change from winter weather is your lips. The reduced amount of humidity in the air in the winter can lead to having lips that split and peel. To prevent this problem, begin to use lip care products throughout the day, including lip balms that contain ingredients designed to protect the skin from sun damage and windy conditions. Find small containers of lip balm to keep in your handbag or the pocket of a winter coat so that you can apply the product anytime that your lips begin to feel drier.

Switch From Powder Makeup to Creamy Makeup

You will also need to change your makeup products in the winter in order to have glowing skin that isn’t dry and itchy. Buy a new moisturizing foundation that matches your skin tone to provide more protection for your facial skin. Before applying this foundation, use a moisturizing lotion that contains sunscreen. Rather than using powder blush or eye shadow, find liquid or creamy eye shadows and blush that are in an attractive color for wearing with                            winter garments.

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