Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Studio Gear Dual Identity Mineral Foundation

I have worked with Studio Gear to review other products and they have never disappointed.  I also love tat they do not test on animals. That is a huge plus for me. I'm an animal rehabber so I try not to promote harming them. I work too hard to save animals. 

So I was excited to work them again. This time I get to share the Revitalizing Serum and Dual Identity Mineral Foundation. Oh and One of their super soft makeup brushes too.         


Now I have tried a million foundations and can say I was never a huge fan of powder foundation. But I was very excited to try this one from Studio Gear because it's not just powder foundation. It's much more than that.

It's 1 Foundation that wears 4 Ways:

1. Mineral Powder: Keep it simple and buff Foundation into skin on it's own or over primer.

2. Serum Foundation: Mix it Up with Revitalizing Day Serum to create custom, super moisturizing coverage. (Tip, you can also mix with your favorite SPF)

3. Mattifying Finishing Powder: Take it on the go to set your liquid make-up and stay matte all day.

4. Cream Contour: Mix up darker and lighter shades with Protective Day Lotion for creamy, blendable, custom contour.

it comes in 8 different shades so I'm sure you will find a close match.  If you are like me you need a darker shade for summer.  Then the two shades can be mixed once the tan starts to fad.

I have heard the trick about mixing powder foundation with my favorite face lotion and it's works great. Not only can you create a custom color, it provides a fuller coverage than just powder foundation.  So I was already prepared to mix if I wanted heavier coverage.

I tried the foundation as is first and was very surprised. It is one of the best coverage I have ever gotten from powder foundation. I was able to put a few layers without getting cakey or looking fake. Grant you it was not a full coverage like liquid foundation but it covered the redness in my cheeks. It is a great look for those days when makeup is not necessary but I don't want a naked face.  It's also great for summer time because it's so lightweight.

Now the serum itself is a little heavy for me. It is a clear serum that feels a little oily when applied. But it doesn't take very much at all to cover a large area of skin. It takes a few minutes to absorb but once it does it's lightweight and invisible.  But all of this makes it great to mix with the powder foundation. Since it doesn't absorb quickly I was able to put the serum on then put a layer of foundation over it. Together they blended perfectly to give me a full coverage look.  Together they were still lightweight. Also no caking, pealing, or clumping.   

The domed makeup brush is amazing. It makes this powder foundation go on so beautifully. It picks up a lot of powder and with no fallout. The bristles are secure and the handle is comfortable to to hold. It's fatter than most of my brushes but I like the size.  I LOVE the dome shape. It makes it easier to use and work better than even a Kabuki Brush and I am in love with those. 

 Pick your shade here.  Studio Gear has lots of skin care and colors as well so look around! Come back and tell me what you would want to try most. Maybe I could arrange for a review of the most popular product. 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. 

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