Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sealike Professional 6 Colors Concealer Camouflage Foundation Makeup Palette

I was very skeptical of this concealer because I normally use a cream concealer pallet. I really didn't expect much coverage from it. But I was very surprised. First let me start the pods of individual concealer is HUGE. No complaints here but I was not expecting them to be so big. The colors are perfect for my skin tone which is fair/medium but it would be great for a darker skin tone as well. There is a yellow, pink, and white shade as well. All of which cover different blemishes.
The powder is what really through me off but it was SOO very pigmented that it went on the same color as my cream concealer. But it blended much easier. With a blending sponge and a Kabuki brush it was completely blended. No lines, no dark patches. I layered dark and light without the looking like I had tons of makeup on. In fact it was invisible
This concealer provided long lasting coverage. But I use a primer and liquid foundation. I can say I would not be able use this a powder foundation because I need more coverage. But it might be good as a pressed finishing powder.

Use the link below to grab your own pallet:

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