Thursday, November 5, 2015

Square Hearts Box

I was so excited to review a SquareHearts box. It's such a versatile box with fashion, makeup, and jewelry all in one box. i was a little upset to see that they sizes are only S, M, and L but I figured the Large wouldn't be too bad because I can wear some large dresses. But I did have a feeling that it would be a little small on me.

I stalked Instagram for days and there was no clues to what was inside the September Square Hearts box so I couldn't wait until it arrived. When I opened the box I was so excited to see what was inside.

There is every thing inside for an outfit all neatly folded and wrapped like a present.  Plus there was jewelry and makeup included too! What an awesome box for ONLY $49.99!! 

 There was an an adorable pair of jean shorts which I knew immediately would be too small. I got them over my hips but there was NO way I was zipping them. So I opened them to find the tag and they were a 28. I'm not sure in what world that is a Large but in my world a large is way different. 

The next thing I grabbed was the most adorable shirt. It's a soft, white, flare shirt with lace decorations everywhere. I was hopeful this would fit me but it was slightly tight. I think I could wear it eventually but it's really tight in the chest area so I'm not sure. 

 So I was again disappointed. Because the shorts and shirt together would make an awesome outfit and neither will fit me.

                                                                                                                                                                There was also Cult Cosmetics Nail Polish and lipgloss. Plus a cute little makeup bag to keep them in. 
The polish was a blue and silver and I love both colors. The lipgloss is a red tint but I wear that occasionally so not bad on that either. I really like the little makeup bag it's cute and see through so I can see what's in it without opening it. 

The next thing I grabbed is a black lace bralet which again looks very small. It would be the perfect accent under the white shirt because the shirt is slightly see through. It's well made and very soft but I'm pretty sure my DDs will not fit in it.  

This adorable chain was also included. It's rather different from any necklace I have ever seen. But I have grown fond of it. I think it would bring a good bit of class to the right outfit. It's a long chain and the red bead make it really pop.

 The gold is a really pretty color and not gaudy or fake looking.

Last but not least is this YourMinerals brown eyeshadow.  You can't go wrong with eyeshadow so I was very excited about this. The brown is a beautiful color and being mineral it's super soft and wears beautifully. it's smooth and crease free. 

I really wish I was a tiny little girl that could wear the clothes because I would subscribe to SquareHearts Box. It's an amazing deal with over $200.00 worth of products.  

Grab your Squarehearts box here

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. 

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  1. oh great, cut offs & a see through cotton top just in time for winter.