Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gecko Yoga BackPack

A backpack is a backpack right? NOPE I was so wrong in thinking that way. I don't necessarily do Yoga but i use my Yoga mat for a lot. It's perfect for any floor exercises but I have never thought to bring mine to the gym with me. They have mats there but the thought of using them is pretty gross to me. So I save the floor exercise for home.

But this bag is amazing so I might be able to bring all my gym essentials and my Yoga mat with me. The backpack itself is loaded with little pouches and places to store things.
I comes with a bag for my Yoga mat so it stays clean even in tow. The clamps keep the yoga mat securely in place, much more secure than I would have thought. The straps are adjustable so whether you have a smaller grade mat that's thinner or a thick mat they will bot fit secure. The two big zippered pouches are VERY roomy and I was able to put my Yoga Towel, wiping towel, and lifting gloves and still have tons of room to spare. There is a side pouch that I will be able to slide a bottle of water or my mist in.

The material is awesome and very sturdy. It's not like those cheap backpacks where it's thin material. It's also going to be easy to clean with a wet towel.

Even with the Yoga mat securely in place the bag is super comfortable to carry and the back strap is very wide. It slide over the shoulder and doesn't' weigh me down. The weight is also (surprisingly) distributed evenly so there is no discomfort to me at all. This would be a great pack to bring hiking or to a concert, zoo any activity where you would carry a bag. After all attaching the mat is optional but that strap could be used for a picnic blanket.

This backpack comes in Blue, Green, black, or purple and you can grab one here 

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