Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Savannah Bee

When i saw Savannah Bee products I thought they were so interesting and I was very excited when I had the chance to work with them for a review. Their products are made out of Bee Honey so you know it's full of natural ingredients.

I was raised around bees my grandpaw was a bee keeper. I was always fascinated and watched him intently. He would come out with the smoke can in full gear and I would follow him as far as I could. Then he would come with the honey comb and we would eat a lot the put the rest in jars.

So the thought that Savannah Bee is making lotion and chap stick -- plus a lot of other products was so amazing to me.  There are gift sets that come with a piece of honey comb and that's amazing

I got to review the Tupelo Honey Body Lotion and three amazing southern scented lip balms. The Tupelo Honey Lotion is a soft scented lotion and the consistency is on thick side. It absorbs in seconds and is not greasy or oily.  My hands stay soft and silky for a long time after using.

Now the chap sticks are scents that are perfect for a southern girl like me.  They all go on smooth and stay that way. They don't flake and isn't cakey nor does it make my lips feel sticky. There are some lipgloss/lipbalms that I cannot stand on my lips. This is not on of them.

Everybody knows that we love our Sweet Tea in the south so I was leery about that scent. But it's amazing. It smells so good and it's not an overpowering sweet smell. It smells identical to sweet tea with a hint of lemon.

The Key Lime smells edible just like a key lime pie. It is a nice strong scent but nothing too overwhelming. I would not have thought it but this is my favorite scent out of the three.  Actually it's the best smelling lip balm I have used in a long time.

The Peach is awesome as well. That one is not quite as strong as Key Lime but it's a distinct smell.

I love all three of them and wear them all the time. I hate when my lips are cracked and dry. These keep my lips hydrated and prevent that from happening. I will need them more during the winter because my lips tend to crack really bad.

Check out all that Savannah Bee has to offer on their site.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. 

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