Sunday, May 3, 2015

PKB The Portable Kettlebell

I have been wanted to try a kettlebell. Kettlebell exercises are really effective and good for the entire body. One of my favorite ab videos calls for a kettlebell but I have been improvising with a regular weight. That is not quite as effective but that's what I had. Until I got to try the PKB (Portable KettleBell) . This one is really unique because it is not metal.

It is made of cloth and is filled with sand (or anything around). That put you in control because the one I got to review hold up to 15 pounds. So if you can't hand 15 pounds just yet, fill it up to the weight you are comfortable with. Then once you are ready for the extra weight, fill it up so more until it gets to the max. Then if you are ready for even more weight they have 2 more options that are up go up 45 lbs.

The PKB is a really nice tough material and the handles are covered with a plastic grip to make it more durable and comfortable. No worrying about the weight of the kettlebell ripping the handle in two while you are lifting it.

Another great thing is this kettlebell it totally portable. Imagine packing a metal weight in a suite case. With all the regulations and weight requirements that's never going to happen right? But this one can be emptied an folded flat for storage/portability.

I never thought to take a picture with it folded but it does fold very neatly.

If you want to order you own PKB you can do so right here

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine.

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  1. kettle bells are awesome and something new that I have been using in one of my fitness classes! This is definitely something worth checking out!