Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bright Therapy SL50 EVOLUTION Acne treatment & Anti-aging Laser Therapy

When I signed up to review this Acne Treatment and AntiAging Laser  I wanted  it for my son. He is starting to break out so I figured i could help him get rid of the pimples quicker. Then I noticed that I was breaking out! I guess from the sweat when I exercise but it's terrible. My forehead is full of pimples so I couldn't wait for this to come in. Now it will be for me and my son to use because not only can it help with my pimples, it has an antiaging benefit as well.

One night I was watching a vet using a laser on a Pelican and I asked why? My husband said it helps them heal faster. I noticed they had eye protection. He said I even saw her use it on her own arm to heal a wound That made me even more excited to try it. But before I got my package I was worried because I had nothing to protect my eyes.

But when i opened the package I was very excited to see everything you need comes with it, including a pair of protective goggles.  I will mention this because I'm really bad about reading directions, it is HIGHLY recommended that you try the laser on your arm before using it on your face. Some people cannot tolerate the light and it would be horrible to learn that on your face. So I did just that, tried it on my arm, I picked a little scar. That way I was making sure I could tolerate the laser and helping my skin at the same time. Win, Win!

The laser is very lightweight and extremely easy to use. It's super easy to change the amount of time and with the click of a button you easily can switch from laser to massage or both. I loved the massage setting and when I used a long with the laser it made the time go by much faster.

It didn't hurt or get hot, no irritation at all. I have used the bright therapy on my chest and arms and I can see those spots healing faster than normal. I love that it is a low level light so you cannot burn or over treat the area.

It's designed to treat the underlying cause of acne and revitalize your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the process. It is also effective for anti-aging therapy. Reduce wrinkles, spider veins, scars, blemishes and Rosacea. With so many benefits will this be the new miracle at home treatment? Probably so! If it can help with anti-aging, scars, and blemishes without pills or creams to remember, you bet it's a miracle treatment for me.

Oh, how could I forget to mention it comes with a very nice case to store everything neatly in. That just makes me so happy when I can just put all parts in a zippered pouch and put it in drawer!

Where can you your own? Right here.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.

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