Monday, March 30, 2015

Advanced Hair Repair Shampo & Conditioner Review

I love to try new hair care products. When I was invited to review Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo & Conditioner it's formulated to repairs, restores, and strengthen hair that has been damaged by heat styling, coloring, or chemical treatments. Which my poor hair has been exposed to that plus chlorine overdose and sun exposure.

It works by hydrating and moisturizing dry hair locking in moisture. So it improves hair's texture and manageability leaving it vibrant and healthy looking. As an added bonus, it's sulfate free and paraben free and good for all hair types.

The shampoo smells awesome and lathers very nicely. I think that's great for a paraben free formula. Normally they don't lather in my hair at all. It really doesn't take a lot at all either. The conditioner is very thick and doesn't take much to cover all of my hair. It has the same great smell as the shampoo.

I have just recently started using a hair mask. I never really knew the benefits for them until now. So if you've never used a hair mask let me explain the benefits to you. A hair mask does for your hair what a face mask does for your skin. It is a weekly boost that gives damaged (or just plain overstyled hair) an extra hydration boost to keep your hair healthier and softer.

In just 5 - 7 minutes a week my hair looks and feels better than has in months. I normally let it sit while I shave. That makes the 5 - 7 minutes go by very quickly. Even though this is a heavy conditioner it does not weigh down my hair in fact my hair has more bounce than usual as well.

They are all made with Aragon oil and the shampoo and conditioner also has macadamia oil. I have used this trio for a few weeks now and my hair looks great. It's not frizzy when it air dries. Nor does it poof out like a lion's mane.  It's bright, shiny, and silky which is the most I can ask for in a hair care product.

My curls are more defined too. I looked the other day and I had a perfect ringlet. The bad thing is my hair does not all curl or wave up at once. Or even in the same manner. I may have ringlets on quarter, slight waves in one quarter and heavy waves in the rest of my hair. So I can never leave my hair natural and have it look right.

Want your own set? Get the shampoo and conditioner here  and the mask here 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers.


  1. This shampoo and conditioner sounds great! I love that it's sulfate free and paraben free.

  2. This sounds great. This year my family start visiting our local pool and as much as I like swimming I hate chlorinated water and what it does to my skin and hair. I should give the set a try

  3. My hair is so fried from heat and coloring! This sounds like a great line of products for damaged hair like mine.