Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pura d'or Hair & Body Care Review!

I was so excited to try this shampoo and conditioner. I love Aragon Oil and I love the way it makes my hair feel so soft.  This Pura D'or Shampoo and Conditioner is amazing. It smells so good and my hair continues to smell amazing all day.

The bottles are huge with a pump dispenser. I love pump dispensers are always a plus because I don't have to hold a bottle and fight to squeeze out enough. The shampoo is clear and the trick to making it lather is wet your hair while the shampoo is in it. The shampoo is formulated to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair, adds volume. It's all natural and organic with vitamins for hair growth. It's also parabe, SLS and gluten free
with 12 DHT Blocker.

The conditioner is a lavender vanilla scent with a medium consistency and it doesn't take a lot to cover my hair. The thing with this conditioner is it doesn't feel like there is anything in my hair before I wash it it out. So it definitely does not weigh my hair down. My hair looks great and silky after using. It is made with 99% vegetable base ingredients, Argan Oil based, Paraben, Sulfate and Gulten Free. It's formulated to manage frizz and enhance shine.

The Aragan Oil is just that an oil so it's a thin consistency. It is an eyedropper dispenser. Not only can the Aragan Oil helps repair damaged hair. It is great for the skin as well it helps diminishe wrinkle, stimulate skin cell, reduces the appearance of scaring and stretch Marks, creates softer smoother skin, reliefs for eczema and psoriasis, and restore nutrient content to skin cells.

My one complaint is with the serum my hair is almost too soft.. Do you know what I mean? It is so soft it's hard to pull up into a ponytail or bun.  So I don't use all three every time I wash my hair. This trio will be amazing for anyone who needs help with brittle dry hair.

Pura D'or has lots of awesome products with great benefits so you can check them out here.

I received these products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion. But the opinion expressed is all mine. Regardless I only recommend products that are good for my readers. 

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