Sunday, May 4, 2014

QT Performance 1" Clipless curling wand from

I was so excited when agreed to work with me for this review. I have learned that styling tools are something you should splurge on. In my opinion the professional grade products work better and last a lot longer.

So let me tell ya'll about is a site where you can by all of your beauty needs at discount prices.  So you get professional grade products at a discounted price. I love a bargain especially when it's something I don't want to skimp on. If I can save even a little I'm extremely happy.

I received a QT Performance 1" Clipless curling wand to review. With a clipless barrel there are no more clamp marks to worry about.The QT Performance clipless curling wand is ceramic and has advanced tourmaline technology which produces negative ions and creates smooth, glossy curls, and enhances the sheer beauty of your hair.  Since the combined technology emits a natural sourse of negative ions and far infared heat it helps your hair in three ares: preserves more moisture, eliminates frizz, and causes less damage to your hair during styling.

My curling wand came in an original box so although discounted the products are direct from the manufacture. The shipping package was cushioned nicely so my curling wand was very well protected.

I have never used a clipless curling wand util now and I have to say I was very impressed. The box I received came with a heat resistant glove and I will say that has been a life saver or I should say a hand saver. Since there is no clip like the old .. well I don't want to say old because that's all they had when I was younger. But you know what I mean.  Anyway since there is no clip you have to roll your hair around the barrel so the glove makes it easier better yet, safer to get close to the barrel. Of course the closer you get the more of your hair is curled.

It takes a little finesse to use but it makes beautiful soft curls or tight barrel curls. You are in complete control on they type and tightness of the curl you get.  Angling your hand/the wand differently also results in different looks so you can sort of play around and see what curl you like better. Not only the angle but the length of time you leave the wand in your hair both make a huge difference in the type of curl you will achieve. I like the curl I get by pointing the barrel down towards my head. It is awkward at first but once I switched hands and it made it easier. Below are a few different pictures.


They also sent me a KQC Thermal Shine heat protector spray which I am very diligent about using a heat protector. This one is an aerosol can so it sprays easily and evenly throughout my hair. The smell is a little strong but that is to be expected with an aerosol.

I mentioned that has all of your beauty needs they have lots of hair care from styling tools to shampoo and styling products. They also have cosmetics and nail polish. I know I could spend hours on the site.

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I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest uncompensated review but the opinion expressed is all mine. Rest assured I only recommend products I feel are good for my readers. 


  1. Way back when my Mom used to "iron" my hair straight! Then when I first went to college-I would wet my hair-brush it and walk outside-instant freeze dry and straight! (I lasted in that college about 1 semester-it was cold up there!) After that I kind of let my hair do its own thing. I did attempt to use a styling wand at some point but the klutz that I am--well-lets just say I'm better off letting the pros do it for me!! This does look to be easier to handle then the ones made up till now!

  2. My teen has been wanting to try one of these.Going to share the blog post with her so she can see if she would really use it. Looks easy to use.

  3. That works great. I have never heard of a clipless curling wand. So cool.

  4. The curls look great. Glad it comes with a heat protective glove for newbies!

  5. Your hair looks great with the waves! I've never seen a curling iron without that clip before.

  6. I would love to try this out to soften my really curly hair.