Saturday, March 15, 2014

March's Glambag from Ipsy

So I got my Ipsy Glambag early this month and I wanted to share it with you. I can say I don't think I have been so excited about a glambag in quite a while. I know people are upset that there is only 4 items but I like/love and will use 3 out of the 4 so I think that's great.

Not to mention one of the items I like sells for $16.00 so if I would have purchased it I would have spent more than I did on my bag. So enough rambling, let me show you what I'm so excited about.

The first thing I SUPER excited about is the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan 2 - 3 week tan lotion in medium .I have never used a tan lotion but have been shopping for one. I was going to get one with my Sephora gift cards but didn't want to waste my money if I wouldn't like it.  Now I get to try one thanks to Ispy, It's a decent size sample that will probably be enough for 2 - 3 applications.  Full size sells for $37.50

The next thing I got is a deluxe size sample of Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in get ready. And guess what!! It's a mauve/pink color that I love and will wear. I don't care if it is a sample, I can't remember the last time I used a full tube of lipstick before it expired. Full size sells for $18.00 and there are lots of other colors to choose from. Second winner in my glambag!

The third thing I got is a full size BeABombshell eye shadow quad in Bora Bora I LOVE three of the colors (I'm a little skeptical of the teal) and will wear them. The other are neutral colors with a slight shine. Don't get me wrong the teal is gorgeous and if I can make it look, right I will wear that color too. Love Be A Bombshell from previous Ipsy bags, love the colors. Another winner! Sells for $16.00 so by itself my Ipsy bag was worth it. I just happen to have 2 other things I'm super excited about.

The last thing I'm so crazy about the color but the product appears very nice.  Its' a Chella eyeliner pen BUT it is Bleu Indigo. The point is great I swatched it, provides perfect drawing precision and dries in seconds. I'm not sure what I'm missing but I have not got into the blue eyeliner craze. So I'm not so pleased with this. It will go in my swap/giveaway bag so maybe soon you'll have a chance to win it. If you have something you want to swap with me for it, let me know.  This sells for $24.00

This month I also think the bags is REALLY pretty so I will probably hold on to this one. Without figuring the total I want to say Well done Ipsy! This is one bag I'm very happy about and can't wait to dig in and start using the products. So what are they worth all together? So had I purchased all four products it would have cost me a whooping $95.50! Not bad for $10/m with no shipping right?!?

If you're not an Ipster and want to sign up because of this fabulous (haha) post please use my link I get referral points. If you are an Ipster please let me know if you are as excited about your glam bag as I am.


  1. I got the same bag as you!!!!!!!!!!! I was effy on the tanning lotion but i swatched a little bit on my arm and pa pow i had AN AMAZING TAN! i really am hating Ipsy right now because once i am done with this tube i am going to have purchase the full size! I totally agree with you on how it's a great bag minus the one product. But i cashed in some of my ipsy points for the Benefit Cosmetics High Beam i thought it was going to be a small deluxe size but to my surprise its a FULL SIZE! so i am in love with ipsy! i heard birchbox some people received the balm new lip and cheek tint, i have been with ipsy for a year now and havent received the balm yet i am waiting! lol. thanks doll xoxo Cyndi

    1. I have yet to try the tanning lotion. I did some google research on how to apply and they said I need time. That is something I dont' have a lot of.

  2. The BeABombshell eye shadow quad looks like fun. I love eye shadows!

    1. i was very happy when I saw the shadow. It goes on very pretty too.