Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ozeri Green Earth Pan

I love to cook but I don't love to clean up after. I make a huge mess when I cook so when I'm done it looks like there was some type of explosion in my kitchen. Because I have so much to clean I usually walk away and come back to finish the dishes a little later.  I know that makes it harder to wash the dishes but for some odd reason I have never learned my lesson.

My sister mentioned non-stick pans/pots. Guess what sis? When I purchased my pots and pans they said NON-Stick so I assumed it really doesn't help. She swore that was not true and non-stick pots were the best thing ever.

Normally when I cook eggs I have to scrape most of the eggs off the side which is extremely frustrating   Today I scrambled eggs in my Ozeri Green Earth Pan. I never thought a pan could be exciting but wow I was so impressed. I went to stir the eggs and noticed nothing was sticking to the sides. I could have  made a perfect omelet if I wanted to. I never knew what my sister meant until today.

As you probably guessed clean up with the Ozeri Green Earth Pan is a breeze as well. If there is nothing stuck there nothing that needs to be scrubbed off. All I did was run it under water until I was ready to wash dishes.  Once I was ready it was very easy to wash and dry then I stored it with my other pans.

It's very durable but light weight. I love that the handle is not metal because too many times I forget to grab a mitt before I pick up the pan and ouch. That's another lesson I should have learned by now but you know.

This pan will get tons of use at my house. They also make a 10" and a 12" inch which a bigger would be great. My mother in-law likes to give us housewares for Christmas so that's a thought.  Ozeri makes lots of other household items as well. This is the third Ozeri product I've tried and they continue to impress me. The quality and function are great! Click here to check out another Ozeri product that gets tons of use at my house.

Unlike other ceramic pans The Ozeri Green Earth Pan utilizes GREBLON which is an ultra-safe ceramic coating which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free, the coating is also scratch-resistant. Also it is made from a durable heavy-gauge die case aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals. That makes me feel even better about cooking in it.

uncompensated review. The opinion expressed is all mine. Rest assured I will only recommend products that I feel are good for my readers. 


  1. The battle of the non-stick pan. I totally have a love hate relationship with them. Lol. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy New Year! xo xo

  2. Thanks , Amber! Great review! Happy New Year!

  3. I have an Ozeri and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  4. I love our Ozeri pan! It really is fantastic!!

  5. My hubbie and non stick pans don't seem to connect well so I'm always buying more. I love the colour of this one !

  6. I really want one of these pans. That looks really nice and I just love the color!

  7. My husband has been dying to try a "green" pan. I love my nonstick ones and couldn't live without them! This look slike a perfect make anything kind of pan !!! We'll have to check it out

  8. These look like a great alternative to my cast iron pan, which often sticks with certain foods. I love that the ceramic coating is safe!!